Charlie loves going for walks with Sarah!  She is so friendly and her positive attitude won hands down when we were looking for a walker!  She clearly enjoys her job and puts us at ease, knowing Charlie is enjoying himself and being well cared for.  Thanks Sarah!

​Katie Vallis

Fantastic dog trainer and walker.  Our dog is now a pleasure to have around.  We would highly recommend you to anyone.

​Roni Weller

A real great trainer, even better dog sitter.  I was kept updated on Sasha's first night away, Sasha is looking forward to another sleepover soon.

Nathaniel Ellis

My family brought a Miniature Schnauzer puppy (called Lola) in December 2014.  We have absolutely no experience of looking after a puppy before, in fact we have never owned a dog before, so it was a bit of a daunting experience.
Thankfully Sarah Walker was there to help.  She is an experienced puppy trainer who came to our house and gave us tips and strategies for training Lola.  Sarah was very friendly, helpful, professional and experienced.  The great thing about Sarah is that she has a real PASSION for dogs. She really understands how a dog thinks, feels and behaves.
With Sarah's support we now have an extremely happy and well behaved puppy.  More than this I am confident when taking Lola out for walks and letting her off her lead.
I can't recommend Sarah enough for anyone with any type of dog issue.

Kate Mummery

Sarah has always shown herself to be very competent and passionate when it comes to looking after our 5 year old Labrador, Maisy.  Being a first time dog owner, Sarah's knowledge of dog behaviour when Maisy was a puppy was invaluable and made puppy training fun for both Maisy and myself.  Maisy always looks forward to going out for walks with her friends.   Thank you Sarah.

Sarah has walked our two dogs for over six years and she does a terrific job. She is extremely capable and reliable. Sarah has never let us down and will provide cover if she is on holiday. 
Lola and Lucy are both getting on a bit now and Sarah's care and attention helps to keep them fit and spry. They also enjoy socialising with some of her other charges. 
I would recommend Sarah unreservedly and our dogs really love her. 

Brenda Hughes

 Sarah started working with our dog Buddy, just after we adopted him.  We were struggling with his negative reactions towards other dogs and she was incredibly helpful.  As well as taking Buddy out with her group of dogs (she selected the best dogs to walk with him), she also took us out with him to help us learn how to work with him on his social skills.  Sarah has been an amazing help for us and Buddy and we would fully recommend her to anyone needing support with a new dog.

Alison Gifford

Fantastic support and advice with follow up input.  Would highly recommend to all with pooches!

Lindsey Trowbridge

Sarah is such a good dog handler.  Bertie loves going out with her.  He loves her.

Bryan Howard

I adopted my dog, Rioja, one month ago and as I work my main worry was what to do whilst at work.  I approached Sarah as I knew that she some times walked my neighbours dog and asked her to take Rioja out for walks at lunchtime.  I could not be happier and Rioja is absolutely delighted.  She is a rescue dog that was very fearful when she arrived but Sarah made Rioja feel so safe and securethat in a couple of days she was just jumping at the opportunity to go with Sarah and her doggies to the park.  I cant thank Sarah enough as I can now leave for work in the mornings knowing that Rioja is in good hands and that she will have a great time.  Sarah also provided me with advice prior to bringing Rioja home which was priceless.  It helped me to make Rioja comfortable within the stressful few first days and provided me with much needed reassurance as a first time owner.  For that I am in her debt.  I can not recommend Sarah and Doggy Social Club enough.  She is the person that all dog owners need to have on speed dial.  Thank you Sarah for looking after Rioja so well!

Victoria Vazquez

Sarah & Daniel have been walking Redz for the past 5 years.  They have helped me to stop Redz from shadow chasing & jumping up at trees.  He loves going out on walks with his friends especially his best mate Cookie.

Melanie Firman

Been getting help from Doggy Social Club to train my puppy Maisie to stop barking at other dogs whilst out walking.  Such great friendly people and I cant thank you enough for the help you've given me.

​Leanne Sanders

Sarah is an amazing dog trainer!  I can't thank her enough for the work she has done with Frank and continues to do!  He has come such a long way and I am so pleased with the results.  Would highly recommend sarah to everyone!

Kerri Davies

Sarah is awesome, she has worked wonders with our black lab Stanley, he currently goes out once a week for the social aspect of it and will soon be going at least twice.  Very well priced service from a well qualified dog lover, can highly recommend this service to anyone with any aspect of dog care and training.

​Russell Holt

Sarah has been walking my two dogs, Holly and Devon.  She is a lovely lady and very reliable and my dogs love spending time with her and Holly is even learning to be sociable with other doggies now.

​Trish Thompson

​​Our dog was not the most social - forever barking at other dogs, men, bikes and even post boxes.  We noticed that Sarah was walking two unrelated friends' dogs and took the plunge to contact her to see if she could help with Teddy's needs.

Sarah came round to our place, met Teddy and could instantly see where we were going wrong.  She took us out and trained us on how to inspire his walks and train/reward to keep his attention, leading to a massive reduction in his anxiety.

After that she took him into her club and socialised him on lengthy fun walks with other dogs.  We were so nervous as we didn't know how he'd react, but we got regular updates and photos as to how he was getting on, along with a debrief afterwards - it was so reassuring.

Now we have a happy dog who loves his walks and loves us more.  He is getting braver each time and I know his life is better because of the training.  We have Sarah to thank for her dedication.  I would definitely recommend Doggy Social Club to improve your dog's life.

​Gemma Boden

Sarah was recommended to me by a friend, and was an instant hit!

She helped me learn where I was going wrong with my training and made me regain confidence with my dog.  My dog showed instant respect for her as soon as she met her, making me look like I was worrying about nothing.  Looking forward to continuing working with Sarah.  Highly recommend.

Sam Bedford


Doggy Social Club